Weekly Outlook: November 27 – December 3, 2017

Believe it or not, December starts later this week. Yup, 2017 is nearly over already. As we get to the end of November, another quite week lies ahead.

Some snow showers will move across Northern new England today, mainly this morning. We could see a few stray flakes around here, but if there are any, it’ll be mainly before most of you read this. Image provided by WeatherBell.

The week starts off with high pressure in control. Sure, Monday will be windy and a little cool, but we’ll have sunshine, and besides, it’s late November, it’s supposed to be cool outside! Tuesday will be feature a little more sunshine, and a little less wind, with high pressure still in control. A cold front will approach the region on Wednesday, with some clouds, and maybe a shower in the morning. Sunshine will return in the afternoon, and it will actually turn milder, with highs getting into the 50s. we’ll cool off again for Thursday, but the dry and cool weather will be short-lived. Another cold front will approach on Friday, bringing with it a better chance for some rain. High pressure returns for the weekend, with improving conditions on Saturday, followed by partial sunshine and cool temperatures on Sunday.

Wednesday is looking like it will be a mild day. Image provided by Weather.us

Monday: Some morning clouds, then becoming partly to mostly sunny and breezy. High 40-47.

Monday night: Clear skies with diminishing winds. Low 19-26.

Tuesday: Sunshine and just a few clouds. High 39-46.

Tuesday night: Becoming partly to mostly cloudy and breezy. Low 36-43 in the evening, then temperatures hold steady or rise a bit overnight.

Wednesday: Intervals of clouds and sunshine, breezy, slight chance for a stray shower, mainly early. High 50-57.

Thursday: Plenty of sunshine to start, clouds start to filter back in during the afternoon. High 41-48.

Friday: Cloudy and breezy with rain likely. High 47-54.

Saturday: Perhaps a few lingering showers along the coast early, otherwise becoming partly to mostly sunny and breezy. High 43-50.

Sunday: A mix of sunshine and clouds. High 41-48.

Finally, here at Storm HQ, we focus on short-range forecasts, 7 days or less. However, some of you are wondering what the winter has in store for us. Our colleagues over at Woods Hill Weather issued their Winter Outlook Sunday afternoon. If you’re curious about their thought on the winter, we would advise you to give it a read. For short-range forecasts, we usually end up with very similar thinking, so we trust what they have to say, and you should too.

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