Weekly Outlook: October 23-29, 2017

“Change. Now it’s time for change.
Nothing stays the same. Now it’s time for change.”

Motley Crue’s lyrics from 1989 are certainly an appropriate description of this week’s forecast. Changes are certainly on the way, but you’ll still have at least one more day to enjoy our extended summer.

It was a little tough to see from the upper-level of Gillette Stadium in “Fogs-boro” Sunday night. Photo provided by Linda Galvin.

The week starts off with another warm day thanks to high pressure off the East Coast. If you watched last night’s Pats game in “Fogs-boro”, then you know that humidity levels are certainly higher now as well, thanks to a southerly flow of air. By Tuesday, the changes really start to settle in. An upper-level trough of low pressure settles into the Great Lakes, with a strong storm system at the surface as well. A frontal system extended well ahead of this storm will march towards the East Coast. With a warm, moist, southerly flow ahead of the front, we can expect some showers and gusty winds on Tuesday. Tuesday night into early Wednesday could be quite interesting as the front gets closer. Strong winds, locally heavy downpours, and even some thunderstorms are possible ahead of the front Tuesday night. Some wind gusts of 30-50 mph are possible, while rainfall totals of 1-2 inches (or more) expected for parts of the region. The front pushes offshore on Wednesday, with the showers gradually ending and cooler air settling in behind it.

Some locally heavy rainfall is possibly Tuesday into Wednesday. This may help battle drought conditions that are starting to creep back into the region. Image provided by Pivotal Weather.

The cooler air really starts to settle in on Thursday as the upper-level low moves overhead. As that happens, we can expect clouds to develop, along with some pop up showers during the afternoon. Across some of the higher elevations of Northern New England (places like Mt. Washington), some wet snow may fall with these showers. High pressure builds in for Friday and at least early Saturday. After that, things start to get complicated. Another storm system will be moving into the Great Lakes as an upper-level trough of low pressure moves into the region. At the same time, low pressure may try to take shape off the East Coast and head northward. While neither of these systems look that potent for now, they could consolidate into a fairly strong storm once they move past New England early next week. Before that, it looks like they’ll bring us some rain on Sunday, possibly as early as Saturday night. The rain may continue into next Monday, and could be heavy. Windy and much cooler conditions are possible early next week behind the system, but we’ll worry about that in next week’s outlook.

Early indications are that October will end and November will begin with below normal temperatures – a stark contrast to much of October thus far. Image provided by WeatherBell.


Monday: Fog early, then any sunshine disappears behind thickening clouds. High 66-73.

Monday night: Cloudy and becoming breezy with some showers possible late at night. Low 57-64.

Tuesday: Windy and mild with some showers likely. High 67-74.

Tuesday night: Windy with periods of rain, possibly some thunderstorms. Low 61-68.

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with showers and winds gradually diminishing. High 63-70.

Thursday: A mix of sun and clouds with a chance for some afternoon showers. High 57-64.

Friday: Partly to mostly sunny.  High 56-63.

Saturday: A sunny start, then clouds return. Some showers are possible at night. High 60-67.

Sunday: Mostly cloudy with more showers possible. High 58-65.

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