Weekly Outlook: August 9-15, 2021

For the first time in a while, we’ve fairly typical summertime weather coming for a large chunk of the upcoming week.

We’ve got a frontal system south of the region today and a wave of low pressure will ride along it, bringing in some showers and cooler than normal temperatures. However, that front will lift northward as a warm front on Tuesday, allowing warm and humid air to move back in for Tuesday. That’s just the appetizer before the main course.

Temperatures will be several degrees below normal across the region today. Image provided by Weathermodels.com

For Wednesday through Friday, we’ll have a Bermuda high sitting offshore, pumping hot and humid weather into the area. Temperatures will get into the 90s across a large portion of the region, with heat indices possibly approaching 100 in many locations. It’ll be a great time to head to the beach, out to the pool, or to sit in the air conditioning. We will have some showers and thunderstorms popping up each afternoon, which will take the edge off the heat in some areas. Any storms that do form could produce some heavy downpours, but widespread severe weather isn’t likely at this time.

The heat index could approach 100 Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Image provided by WeatherBell.

A cold front will move through on Saturday, bringing an end to the heat. Some showers and thunderstorms may accompany the front, but the timing is still in question. This will have implications for not only temperatures during the day, but whether there is a threat for severe weather or not. High pressure builds in behind the front on Sunday with cooler and drier conditions.

Finally, we’re going to take a look at the tropics, as the Atlantic is showing signs of waking up. There are two areas in the Atlantic that are being monitored right now. The first is a few hundred miles east of the Leeward Islands. This system could get better organized over the next few days and become a tropical depression. It will cross the Leeward Islands later today before heading towards Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Whether it develops or not, a period of heavy rain and gusty winds is likely from the Lesser Antilles into Puerto Rico Monday into Tuesday. Another tropical wave is located a few hundred miles east of the first disturbance. This one is less organized at the moment, but could develop as it continues westward as well. We’ll keep an eye on both of these, and if anything develops, we’ll likely have a special blog post about it.

The Atlantic is starting to wake up. Image provided by the National Hurricane Center.

We’re getting into the time of year that we need to start paying attention to the tropics around here. While the storms well out in the Atlantic give us plenty of advance notice that they’re heading this way, it’s the ones like Bob that we really have to worry about in August and September. Bob formed as a tropical depression near the Bahamas on Friday August 16, 1991 and made landfall on the south coast of Rhode Island as a Category 2 Hurricane on Monday afternoon August 19. That’s not a lot of time to prepare for a hurricane.

Storms can form in the Bahamas at this time of year and give us little time to prepare for them. Image provided by the National Hurricane Center.

Monday: Patchy fog early, otherwise more clouds than sunshine, chance for a few showers, favoring the South Coast. High 74-81.

Monday night: Partly to mostly cloudy, some drizzle or fog is likely. Low 62-69.

Tuesday: Partly sunny, slight chance for a late-day shower or thunderstorm, mainly well north and west of Boston. High 78-85.

Tuesday night: Partly cloudy. Low 65-72.

Wednesday: A mix of sun and clouds, chance for a late-day shower or thunderstorm, humid. High 86-93.

Thursday: Partly sunny, breezy, and humid with a few showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening. High 87-94.

Friday: Partly to mostly sunny, chance for a few showers and thunderstorms late in the day, humid. High 86-93.

Saturday: Intervals of clouds and sun with scattered showers and thunderstorms likely. High 80-87.

Sunday: Partly to mostly sunny. High 76-83.

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