Weekly Outlook: July 10-16, 2017

We’re approaching the mid-point of meteorological summer, so you’d think that we should finally have a week of typical “summer weather”, right? C’mon, you should know better. This is New England, the only thing typical about the weather here is that is typically changes all the time. This week won’t be an exception.

The week will start off with high pressure moving off the East Coast, so we’ll have warm and increasingly humid air in place. So far, so good, right? A cold front approaches on Tuesday, likely triggering some showers and thunderstorms. A few strong storms are possible, but the bulk of the severe weather should remain well to our north and west. That front looks like it’s going to stall out near the South Coast on Wednesday. This may keep clouds and some showers around, especially the closer you get to the South Coast. A couple of weak systems will move through for Thursday and Friday, with more rain and unseasonably cool temperatures, though it could remain warm south of the Mass Pike – south of the front. Things should improve next weekend, both in the skycover and temperature departments.

sfct.us_ne (1)
A frontal system could set up quite a different in temperature across the region Thursday afternoon. At least one model shows afternoon temperatures dropping into the 50s across parts of Maine and New Hampshire, while the South Coast could be pushing 90. Image provided by Pivotal Weather.

Monday: Sunshine and some afternoon clouds. High 80-87.

Monday night: Partly cloudy, showers possible late at night. Low 63-70.

Tuesday: Partly sunny, additional showers and thunderstorms are likely. High 80-87.

Tuesday night: Partly to mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms taper off in the evening. Low 65-72.

Wednesday: Partly sunny, chance for a few showers and thunderstorms. High 78-85.

Thursday: Intervals of clouds and sunshine with more showers and thunderstorms possible. High 70-78 north of the Mass Pike, 78-85 south of the Mass Pike. Temperatures could drop sharply in the afternoon.

Friday: Partly to mostly cloudy with a chance of rain and showers. High 63-70 north of the Mass Pike, 70-77 south of the Mass Pike.

Saturday: Partly sunny, chance for a shower or thunderstorm. High 75-82.

Sunday: A mix of sun and clouds. High 80-87.

There is a chance that another system could develop in the Atlantic later this week. Image provided by the National Hurricane Center.

Finally, we’ll address the tropics again. Right now, the Atlantic is relatively quiet. A weak tropical wave is passing south of the Cape Verde Islands, producing some showers and thunderstorms. As we normally do at this time of year, we’ll keep an eye on it as it makes it’s way across the Atlantic Ocean this week. Conditions might be favorable for some development, but if any occurs, it likely won’t happen for several more days. That being said, some of the computer models have been suggesting that this system will develop, which has sent some of the weather weenies on the internet into a frenzy. If we had a dollar for every time the models tried to develop a tropical system and it never happened, we’d be filthy rich right now. These models are notoriously bad and predicting the development of these systems. We’re talking UMass-Amherst hockey level of ineptitude. We’re not going to state right now that this system won’t develop. These models are right on occasion, and there is always a chance. But right now, that chance is pretty low. If it does develop, we’ll let you know if there’s anything to worry about.

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