Weekly Outlook: March 6-12, 2017

The past few days have certainly been a reality check, haven’t they? It’s been cold, even by March standards. Don’t worry, the cold weather will be replaced by mild conditions for the next few days, especially at mid-week. But wait, what’s that lurking for the end of the week? Not one, but two potential chances at snow?  Remember, it is still March.

It’s rather chilly out there early this morning with wind chills in the single numbers. Image provided by WeatherBell.

The week starts off with high pressure moving offshore, giving us sunshine and a chilly start, but temperatures will rebound nicely in the afternoon. Clouds will start to move in late in the day as a warm front starts to approach the region. With clouds in place tonight, it won’t be as chilly as the last few nights. Showers will move in Tuesday afternoon, and continue into Tuesday night, ending Wednesday morning when a cold front crosses the region. Despite the front, Wednesday will still be mild, with sunshine developing in the afternoon.High pressure builds back in on Thursday with windy and colder conditions, setting the stage for Friday and the weekend.

First, we start with Friday. Low pressure moves out of the Great Lakes and heads eastward, passing south of the region. The latest indications are that it may pass too far south to have too much of an impact on us, but we’ve still got plenty of time for the exact track to be worked out. Regardless, we’re not looking at a major storm here, as it will be moving relatively quickly, and not have a lot of moisture to work with. However, a few inches of snow would be just enough to screw up the Friday afternoon commute. Then again, three snowflakes is enough to screw up the Friday afternoon commute. High pressure builds in behind the system, but another one quickly follows from the Plains states. This one looks to impact the region late Saturday night into Sunday. Unlike the first one, it will be a little stronger, a little slower, and have a little more moisture to work with. It will also be a little farther to the south, increasing the chances that it stays to the south and has even less of an impact on parts of the region. However, that also means it could have more of an impact the farther south you go. Right now, the models are showing this storm with the potential to be a significant storm system….for the Mid-Atlantic states. Since there’s still plenty of uncertainty with both of these storms, but especially the second one, we’ll just have to keep an eye on them, and update you during the week if it looks like either of them could cause us some problems.

One model wants to bury us with snow on Sunday. Image provided by Pivotal Weather.
Another model says we miss the storm completely and it hits Virginia and North Carolina instead. Image provided by Pivotal Weather


Monday: A sunny and chilly start, then clouds start to filter in during the afternoon. High 37-44.

Monday night: Becoming mostly cloudy. Low 24-31.

Tuesday: Cloudy with showers developing in the afternoon.High 44-51.

Tuesday night: Scattered showers. Low 39-46 in the evening, then temperatures slowly rise overnight.

Wednesday: Showers ending in the morning, some sunshine develops in the afternoon. Becoming breezy. High 52-59.

Thursday: Partly to mostly sunny, windy, and colder. High 35-42.

Friday: Cloudy and breezy with a chance of light snow. High 36-43.

Saturday: Morning sunshine, then clouds return. Snow possible at night. High 24-31.

Sunday: Cloudy with a chance of snow. High 24-31.

Wait, there might be another strong storm towards the middle of next week too? We’ll worry about that one next week.

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